District 16F AA Groups and Meetings

AA Meeting Hartwell, Winterville, Lavonia, Danielsville, Lavonia, Royston and Elberton16F split off from 16B in September, 1995 at the September Assembly. 16B's standing DCM at the time of the split was Gayle N.. The zone is comprised of six counties: Banks County, Elbert County, Franklin County, Hart County, Madison County and Oglethorpe County.

The original groups at the split from 16B were: Alive and Well Group, Elberton County Group, Keep It Simple Group, Lavonia Group, Madison County Group, Oglethorpe County Group, Pass It On Group, Rayle Group and Reed Creek Group.

At the time of the split from 16B to 16F, a controversy erupted as a result of becoming detached from Athens Intergroup office. There we had some strongly worded letters written to the DCMs, the Intergroup, as well to GSSA. about how many in the district were unhappy with the separation. One of the key reasons being that and many of the group's were no longer on the phone service for Twelve Step work.

The longest registered and still active group is located in Elbert County, the Elberton Group which was registered in 1963. The Zone has had a total of twenty six groups and its time as a district; however, currently there are only ten active groups at the moment: Alive and Well group, Colbert Group, Danielsville Group, Elberton Group, 5th Tradition Group, Hopeful Hearts Group (Correctional Facility), Lavonia Group, Oglethorpe County Group, Pass It On Group, and Recovery On The Dock Group (formerly known as Drunks On The Dock Group).

The district has two treatment centers and one Correctional Facility meeting located within the zone.

The Past DCM's for District 16 Zone F are: Scott B (deceased) 1995 to 1998, Randall S 1999 to 2003, Steve W 2004, Larry M 2005 to 2006, Mark J 2007 to 2008, Andy W to 2009, Barbara W 2009 to 2010, David Mc 2011, Tom P 2012 to 2013.

AA District 16F is in Northeast Georgia and covers from Athens GA to the South Carolina line. The country landscape is beautiful and it has some of the oldest AA groups in Georgia. The counties included in district 16F are Elbert, Hart, Madison, Banks, Franklin and Oglethorpe. Right now, there are AA Groups in North Athens Ga, Arnoldsville or Winterville, Hartwell, Lavonia, Danielsville, Lavonia, Royston and Elberton that provide AA Meetings for locals and visitors.