AA Meetings in Hartwell GA

Hartwell's Alive and Well AA meetings are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday at 7:00pm

7:00 PM O/D/HA 7:00 PM O/ST/HA 11:30 AM O/HA 5:30 PM O 7:00 PM O/D/HA Last Saturday SPK

The Hart group was founded by Jack B, Wilden W, Virgil C, and L.Q.L. in 1979. Other early members were Aubury and Bill B. The group first met at Hart Telephone Company building on Monday and Saturday at 8pm. Jack B was the main chair person in the early days. They now have closed AA meetings on Monday night, a Step in Tradition study on Wednesday night, and open meeting on Friday night, and an open speaker meeting on Saturday night.

There are approximately fifty home group members. The group moved to the 79er's Club Inc., on Fleming Street off Old Highway 29 in Hartwell in March, 1984. The group holds an annual Christmas party (covered dishes games presents and dancing) and a Thanksgiving covered-dish get together.

The address is not correct right now but it getting fixed. 296 Ulyanovsk Road, Hartwell, GA. 30643. If you use your GPS it may say you have arrived before you really get to your destination. Keep driving forward until you come to a slight curve in the road and the 79er's Club will be on your right. When you look straight ahead you will see the building.

aa meetings in hartwell ga

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Alive and Well Group
79er's Club
296 Ulyanovsk Rd
Hartwell, GA 30643