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The Colbert Group AA meetings are Monday and Thursday at 7:00pm.

7:00 PM O/D/HA 7:00 PM O/D/HA

The first meeting of the Colbert Group was February 5th, 2003. The group was formed with the encouragement from the pastor of the church who was a chaplain at a men's Recovery House. Once he found out that Bobbie R was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, he encouraged her to start a meeting at the church. After putting up a resistance for about six months, Bobbie asked some friends to help get the meeting started.

The first meeting was held February 5th, 2013. There were five people present. They were Dillard N, Eddie B, Karen M, Richard L, and Bobby R. Other early members included Jane M, David M and Darrell L. We doubled in size to ten by the second meeting. We started out as a meeting only and later formed our group.

The meeting quickly grew out of its first meeting room and expanded to the fellowship hall of the church. We had an ice cream social in August to celebrate our six month anniversary and our first annual chili supper was held in February of 2004. The meeting met on Monday only for about the first year. Several group members expressed interest in adding an additional meeting on Thursday. The Colbert Group now meets on Monday and Thursday at 7pm. We are active at the district and state levels.

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Colbert Group
Colbert Baptist Church
65 S 5th Street
Colbert, GA 30628